Mythological tales are considered more than just tales; they are also the stories of science fiction. The hints of advancement in science can be witnessed in the ancient tales narrated by the parents or grandparents. To make science more interesting, teachers often give the homework of relating it to other subjects and events that can provide evidence that science is omnipresent in a human’s life. Having the knowledge of various myths can serve as a beneficial science homework help. The homework helpers of THESCIENCEHOMEWORKHELP.COM have mapped out a path that can direct you back to those tales with a minor change that involves taking notice of scientific theories and practice that were often comprehended as magic.

  • Advanced sources of commute: in Mahabharata, when even cycles were a no show, the lords used flying vehicles to travel from one place to another. Arjuna, one of the five Pandavas, flew across the Himalayas in a flying chariot.
  • The process of cloning: Videha who was cloned from the dead body of his father, His Excellency Nimi was called so because his birth was in a non-sexual way. Cloning at those times was called as ‘Mantha’. In Mahabharata, the humans were not only aware of cloning, test-tube babies, and embryo splitting, but also knew how to develop human fetuses outside of a human body, the example is that of the birth of Kauravas, one single embryo was split into hundred and were led to develop in single and separate containers. Such technology and method have not yet been developed by the modern scientists.
  • Live telecast: in Mahabharata, the father of Kauravas and the king of Hastinapur, Drithrashtra was blind but he wanted to know every detail of what was going on in the battlefield. Lord Krishna gifted Sanjay with ‘Dibya Drishti’ that helped telecast a live show of the battlefield, and the happenings were narrated to the king by Sanjay.
  • Time travel: Hindu mythology consists of various incidents that prove that time-travel existed in the ancient past. For example King Raivata Kukudmi journeyed back in time to meet the creator Brahma. When he returned back to Earth, it was 108 years later. The explanation that Lord Brahma gave to the king was that time varied in different zones of existence.
  • Brain surgery: the 4300-year-old skull was discovered from the site of an ancient civilization. This helped scientists determine that a brain surgery was successful by drilling holes in the damaged skull, the pieces of bones can be removed which will restore the brain as new and is called Trephination.

Science has been on this planet, years ago than man. It is in the air we breathe, the fruits we eat and the path we walk on. It is sometimes considered that the story was Mahabharata also had nuclear weapons because millions of people died in 18days on the battlefield. The destruction was so huge that maybe the technology developed, died with the majority. Science is intriguing and it compels the student to reach its core. However, with tons of homework and assignments of science and several other subjects, it becomes impossible for students to conduct their own research. There are various sites on the internet that can assist and do the homework for you regardless of the subject. Services from statistic homework help to finance homework help can be accessed easily by the students, which will provide them with ample of time to discover and unearth the mysteries for themselves.


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